Trapcode Klangfarbe: iTunes visualizer plug-in for Mac OSX
by Peder Norrby

This plug-in is still in beta and does not work with all graphics cards, please let me know if it works with yours! In my first visualizer - AlphaOmega - I tried to envision a form or geometry for the music. This one, Klangfarbe deals more directly with visualizing the current audio as colors, hence the name which is German for "timbre" but also means "color of the timbre" or "color of the sound".

peder /dot/ norrby (at) gmail /dot/ com

Free for personal, home use. For other use, please contact e-mail above. This free software is provided as is, with no guarantees whatsoever.

NEW version - BETA 5
Should fix the "Trapcode Logo, then white flash, then nothing"-issue.
(if you have BETA 3 installed, make sure you delete it when you install this)

It has a few settings:
Press "m" key to toggle modes, there are three modes and the first two are animated (they change slowly over time)
Press "f" key to change particle feather / out-of-focus effect-

Install help:
1. Unzip the .zip file (double click it) if needed.
2. Place TrapcodeKlangfarbe in the iTunes Plug-ins folder. Normally this is:
(username)/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins
3. Restart iTunes
4. In the menu select View>Visualizer>Klangfarbe
5. Play a nice tune
6. Hit Command-T to start the visuals!