Trapcode AlphaOmega: iTunes visualizer plug-in for Mac OSX
by Peder Norrby

System Requirements:
Confirmed to work with Mac OSX 10.3.9 and higher/ iTunes 7, please let me know if you get it to work with earlier versions.

peder /dot/ norrby (at) gmail /dot/ com

Free for personal, home use. For other use, please contact e-mail above. This free software is provided as is, with no guarantees whatsoever.


Install help:
1. Unzip the .zip file (double click it) if needed.
2. Place TrapcodeAlphaOmega in the iTunes Plug-ins folder. Normall this is:
(username)/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins
3. Restart iTunes
4. In the menu select View>Visualizer>AlphaOmega
5. Play a nice tune
6. Hit Command-T to start the visuals!